Interprofessional Teaching Award

This award is given to a department faculty member who is judged to be an outstanding teacher both within and outside the anesthesia community. It may be given annually if the selections committee identifies a worthy recipient. An individual may receive this award only once in any ten year period.

Nomination criteria include an excellent teaching record and demonstrated impact in interprofessional teaching over at least 3 years in any of the following areas:

  • Excellence in clinical teaching, lectures and seminars
  • Demonstrated skill in collaboration to contribute to learning in other disciplines 
  • Demonstrated influence that resulted in improved teaching
  • Development of innovations to improve learning
  • Active involvement in educational committees and/or administration that has advanced teaching or education

Members of the Department of Anesthesia are invited to nominate candidates.

Award Winners

2022 Dr. Mika Hamilton

2021 Drs. Aliya Salman & Brian Cuthbertson

2020 Dr. Ian Randall & Elaine Ng

2019 Dr. David Flamer & Dr. Rachel Martin

2018 Dr. Hance Clarke

2017 Dr. Adriaan Van Rensburg & Dr. Hance Clarke

2016  Dr. Irene McGhee

2015  Dr. Fiona Campbell

2014  Dr. Tobias Everett

2013  Dr. Stuart McCluskey

2012  Dr. Ki Jinn Chin

2011  Dr. Basem Naser

2010  Dr. Claire Middleton & Dr. Phillip Peng

2009 (Inaugural)  Dr. Pam Morgan