Clinical and Basic Science Obstetric Anesthesia (MSH)

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital is an academic centre of excellence affiliated with the University of Toronto. This is the largest tertiary care hospital in Canada for high-risk obstetrical patients, with more than 7,000 deliveries per year. The hospital is affiliated with Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute of University of Toronto, which is one of the world's leading research centre in biomedical research.  With ground-breaking discoveries in research areas such as postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia and genetic disorders, and women's and infants' health, the Institute is committed to excellence in health research and the training of young investigators.  Strong partnerships with the clinical programs of Mount Sinai Hospital ensure that scientific knowledge is used to promote human health.


The joint clinical and basic research fellowship in Obstetric Anesthesia offers advanced clinical training, teaching and provides an excellent opportunity for basic science research in a well-established laboratory. The purpose of this unique fellowship is to provide interested candidates a more in-depth knowledge on myometrial and vasculat physiology, pharmacology and genetics. The fellowship is salaried and includes research and clinical work within the department. Fellows will get approximately 40 days annually to focus on their lab research work.


Design, write and perform a lab-based research project from research question to publication, including applying for peer-reviewed research grants

  1. Work on physiological model of human myometrium and vasculature in the lab to better understand clinical problems
  2. Perform basic laboratory techniques including preparation of solutions, dissection of tissue samples, analysis of contractility data using a specialized software
  3. Demonstrate competence in extraction of pertinent information from technical literature, interpretation of empirical data and provide theoretical insight
  4. Coordinate and collaborate with obstetrical, medical, nursing and support staff on the labor and delivery unit
  5. Demonstrate competence in teaching residents, medical students and other health care personnel
  6. Participant in weekly fellows' rounds at the hospital
  7. Present research findings at local, national and international conferences

Clinical Responsibilities:

Clinical duties include providing Anesthesia care in the operating rooms, labor floor, ambulatory suites and consultation clinic, including high-risk maternal and infant program clinic. Fellows will be taking calls in both the operation rooms for emergency surgeries and on Labor and Delivery floor.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates who have completed Anesthesiology residency in an accredited program, are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to candidates with graduate degree with an interest in bench/laboratory research.

Direct inquiries to:

Please send an updated Curriculum Vitae and letter to:

Dr. Mrinalini Balki
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Department of Anesthesia & Pain Management
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Senior Clinician Scientist, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue
Toronto, ON  M5G 1X5
P: (416) 586-5270 F: (416) 586-8664