Perioperative Medicine (SMH)

St. Michael's Hospital (SMH)

Clinical Curriculum

The clinical focus of this fellowship is perioperative medicine, which is the medical care of patients from the time of contemplation of surgery through the operative period to full recovery (but excluding the operation or procedure itself). The fellow will build expertise and experience in the preoperative evaluation, preoperative optimization, and postoperative follow-up of high-risk surgical patients (e.g., frail, multi-comorbidity). Fellows spend 1 full day per week providing anesthetic care in the main operating room, 2 half-days per week performing preoperative consultations in the pre-admission facility, and 2 half-days per week performing postoperative follow-up (in the setting of the post-anesthesia care unit, surgical wards, and critical care units) on select high-risk surgical patients.

Fellows will also have one day per week with protected non-clinical time, which will be used to undertake a research project during their training and also to prepare for education rounds (including presenting at departmental grand rounds once during the year). The remaining day per week will alternate between a full day in the main operating room and a full day on specific elective activities pertaining to perioperative medicine. This elective activity, which will be selected following discussion between the fellow and supervisor, might include training in specific clinical techniques (e.g., focused cardiac ultrasound), quality improvement projects, or research. Fellows will participate in the usual call roster for fellows.


If you are interested in applying for the perioperative fellowship at St. Michael's Hospital, please complete the corresponding online application form.

Direct Inquiries to:

Dr. Filipe Nadir Caparica Santos
Coordinator, Fellowship Program
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond Street, 6F-501 Donnelly South
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 1W8