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Faculty Development

The need ‘to facilitate educators’ was identified as one of the key priorities during strategic planning done in 2010 by the Department of Anesthesia. Faculty development serving the needs of the faculty was established in 2010 to provide this essential support framework.

What is Faculty Development?

These are activities designed to improve an individual’s knowledge and skill development in the areas of teaching, education, administration, academic leadership, and education research.

Why do we need Faculty Development?

It is now generally accepted that training ‘to teach’ as a teacher is essential.

We do not become excellent teachers by osmosis or observing great teachers, however role modelling is important. Evidence does support the effectiveness of faculty development to improve knowledge of teaching and teaching performance.

Why Faculty Development opportunities do we offer?

In order to fulfill some of the above-mentioned needs in the context of this department, an annual Faculty Development Day is held. This provides an opportunity for faculty to network, reflect and improve knowledge re teaching, educational scholarship and academic careers.

This website will act as a great resource in the for those who wish to update their knowledge re. teaching in anesthesia. However only practice (and  reflection) makes perfect. 

We also urge you to look at other opportunities for faculty development. The Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto, also offers a large number of workshop, small-group events and rounds on education.