Undergraduate Research Faculty

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are also available for Year 1 and 2 students. Summer research projects can be arranged through CREMS or independently through faculty members.

Dr. Brian Cuthbertson Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre P: TBD
E: brian.cuthbertson@sunnybrook.ca
Dr. Zeev Friedman Mount Sinai Hospital (UHN) P: (416) 586-5270
E: zeev.friedman@uhn.on.ca
Dr. David Mazer St. Michael's Hospital P: (416) 864-5071
E: mazerd@smh.toronto.on.ca
Dr. Jason Maynes Sickkids, The Hospital for Sick Children

P: (416) 813-5924
E: jason.maynes@sickkids.ca

Dr. Beverley Orser Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre P: (416) 480-4864
E: beverly.orser@utoronto.ca
Dr. W. Scott Beattie Toronto General Hospital (UHN) P: (416) 340-5164
E: scott.beattie@uhn.on.ca
Dr. A. Perlas Fontana Toronto Western Hospital (UHN) P: (416) 603-5118
E: anahi.perlas@uhn.on.ca
Dr. Pamela Angle Womens' College Hospital
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
E: pamela.angle@sunnybrook.ca