Information for Hiring Managers (Site Chiefs and Administrators)


This page provides an overview of the department's process for appointments as defined by the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

This is a central hub for all existing online documents and best practices for Site Chiefs and administrators who are completing the application process for a new faculty member.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us.

Table of Contents

The step-by-step guide to academic appointments

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine has developed a Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Academic Appointment to help applicants determine the appropriate appointment category and to outline the application requirements. This website also includes a mapping of the approvals process for both primary and concurrent appointments.

The application process and documentation

The applicant and the hospital site share responsibility for the assembly and submission of appointment applications. Supporting documents can be uploaded to Laserfiche by the candidate or hospital administrator.

Here is a summary of the application requirements:

To be submitted by Chief

To be submitted by Candidate

Chief’s letter of support


Academic Position Description (ADP)

Teaching Dossier

Search Details and Copy of Advertisement



Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC)

The department has also compiled a checklist of the information required for an academic appointment.

The Search Process

Conducting a formal search is important to ensure the transparency and fairness of the recruitment process.

There are three main components which must coexist in a formal search:

  1. Search committee: The candidate was selected by a search committee established by a partner hospital. This committee should comprise of at least one U of T representative at a professorial rank (assistant professor rank or above). This individual must be assigned as the UofT representative.
  2. Formal interview(s): The search committee must conduct formal interviews using effective evaluation techniques.
  3. Advertising campaign: A broad advertising campaign should be launched to reach potential applicants. The department encourages sites to advertise on the Careers at U of T/Affiliated Hospitals web page; however, advertising through this web page not a requirement.

If these three components are not met, then a formal search has not occurred, and the complete file will be reviewed by the FAAC, increasing the time to appointment.

The Chief's Letter

Using the most up-to-date CV (submitted by the candidate) the Site Chief will write a letter that requests:

  1. Appointment Category: Specify the appointment category, which could be Full-time or Full-time Equivalent.
  2. Rank: Statements in support of the request of rank, including a description of the evidence and the impact of the applicant’s completed scholarly activities. Learn more.
  3. Academic Position Description (APD): Statements that the practice plan will support the candidate in time for scholarly activities as outlined by the APDs.
  4. Candidate Search Process: Detail the candidate search process and whether it was formal or informal. Learn more.
  5. Start Date and Focus of Work: Describe the proposed focus of work and scholarly activities and must state the desired start date.
  6. CPSO investigations: In the rare circumstance of an investigation or finding from the CPSO on the candidate, the Site Chief should discuss this with the candidate and Chair of the Department. The letter should state that the Chief is aware of the investigation and finding. It should also confirm that there are no risks to learners.

The Human Resources Process

  1. If a formal search took place, MedHR will send the file to the Dean of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine or their delegate. The Dean or their delegate will also be informed if the appointment occurred at lecturer level without a search.
  2. If the rank request is Assistant Professor or above and there has been no formal search, the file will be sent to the Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee (FAAC).
  3. The HR decision on file is communicated to the Department.
  4. Once approved, the letter of offer is sent to the candidate and chief to be signed and returned to the department for processing.

Academic Position Descriptions

The academic position descriptions (i.e. academic job descriptions) are a UofT requirement for all full-time and part-time clinical faculty who hold an appointment. The position description will help to identify the amount of time the individual will devote to each of the following: Scholarship Teaching (formal and informal) Clinical activities and administrative service and protected time for scholarship (time distribution) The focus of the individual's scholarly work.

Download the Chief's Guide to New Primary Appointments

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