Our Strategic Plan

2019-2024 Strategic Plan


We will work together to ensure that, by 2024, every patient across the city and the province receives the same standard of excellent clinical care and that clinical outcomes continue to improve through research and relentless innovation. We will develop, implement and study novel educational strategies to support all learners. Together, we will develop a better sense of control and voice and create positive work environments that allow us to feel well and enjoy pride in our work.

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The goal of this five-year Strategic Plan is to help us reach our full potential as the world leader in anesthesiology and pain medicine.

2009-2014 Strategic Plan


We are the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Toronto. We are an academic department comprised of expert clinicians, innovative educators and outstanding researchers who continually seek to advance the frontiers of anesthesia and provide outstanding care to our patients.

Strategic Plan 2009-2014

OUR VISION IS: The provision of safe and innovative anesthesic, analgesic, perioperative and critical illness management for our patients.