Professor's Rounds for Fellows

Fellows are invited to attend monthly Professor’s Rounds hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. Please find below a list of speakers who have presented their research work at the Rounds.

With the permission of the speaker, some of our sessions have been recorded and are available in our department's YouTube channel

2019 - 2020

September 16, 2019 Dr. Beverley Orser Medicaion Safety: Avoiding "Never Should Happen" Events in Your Practice
October 28, 2019 Dr. Haibo Zhang Precision Medicine for Sepsis and ARDS
November 25, 2019

Dr. Cristian Arzola 

Dr. Kristina Khanduja

Point-Of-Care Ultrasonography in the Obstetric Patient
January 27, 2020

Dr. Donogh Burns

Dr. Yiling Cheng

Dr. Niveditha Karuppiah

Dr. Keerthi Rao

A Comparison of Anesthesia Care: Canada (Toronto) VS. Other Countries - Our International Fellows Speak
February 24, 2020 Dr. Vincent Chan Interfascial Plane Blocks - An Evidence Based Review
April 27, 2020 Dr. Fiona Campbell Pain Matters - Anesthesiologists Leading Systems Change
May 25, 2020 Dr. Lashmi Venkatraghavan “Known Knows” and “Unknown Knowns” in Neuroanesthesia
Video recording available HERE
June 15, 2020 Dr. Colin J.L McCartney Defining Success in Medicine: 7 Steps to the Career that you Want
Video recording available HERE
July 2020 TBD  

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