E-Learning Resources

There are a number of learning resources available to students and faculty here at the University of Toronto. Members from the Department of Anesthesia have worked hard to put together a variety of tools, including simulation models and web applications.

Web-based Bronchoscopy Simulator

The Bronchoscopy Simulation created by Dr. George Kanellakos, Geoff Dugas, David Wong and Peter Slinger of the Toronto General Hospital, is a real-time video smulator developed to help teach and review bronchoscopic anatomy.  Anesthesiologist will be able to improve their lung isolation management skills which leads to improved efficiency and safety. The simulator accessible indefinitely, and the hope is that the simulator will leave the user with a new appreciation of the anatomical features of the tracheobroncial tree.

Perioperative Interactive Education

The Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE) team in the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management at Toronto General Hospital is developing a wide variety of online teaching aids to enhance the teaching of perioperative medicine. The resources are intended to be used both by medical educators in small group sessions or lectures and by trainees for self-study. They are all freely available on the Web to educators and trainees around the world.

Application (Apps)

The mobile applications designed and used at the various hospital sites serve as clinical and educational tools, ranging from pain managment in adults and children to 3D model views and recordings. Enjoy!