Opioid Manager The Opioid Manager can be used as a point of care tool for providers prescribing
opioids for patients with chronic and non-cancer pain. It condenses key elements
from the Canadian Opioid Guideline.
PediPain The PediPain App can be used as a point of care app for managing pain in 
children. It provides dosages for common medications used in managing
pediatric pain. This app is aimed at all health professionals managing pain
in children.
Pain Squad

The Pain Squad™ electronic pain diary is a tool created for kids with cancer  to
fight back against their pain. Developed by researchers at The Hospital for Sick
Children (SickKids), this is an evidence-based pain diary that plays like a game
and is recommended for children 8 to 18 years of age with cancer.

TEE Standard Views Users can view TEE recordings for each of the 20 standard diagnostic views 
and see the corresponding 3D model of the heart, the TEE probe, and the
ultrasound plane.
TTE FOCUS Views Users can view TTE recordings of each of the 5 FOCUS views and see a 
corresponding 3D model of the probe, ultrasound plane, heart and rib cage
for each view. 
TTE Colour Doppler This module demonstrates which structures should be viewed using colour
Doppler during the standard 2D examination. Each of the 20 standard views
is acocmpanied by a rotatable three-dimensial heart model and a "colour
compare" video clip.