Eligibility Requirements

CIP trainees must be enrolled as Anesthesia residents in the Postgraduate Medical Education Program at the University of Toronto. In addition, they must apply and be enrolled full-time in a Graduate Unit for a minimum of two years. Graduate Units that have participated in the program include:

Other Graduate Units not listed here are also considered, these are examples only. If pursuing a non-thesis degree (i.e. M.Ed) during their CIP training, the candidates must submit a letter from their potential School of Graduate Studies-qualified supervisor attesting that they will be taking full responsibility for the trainee to receive a well-structured research experience. Applicants must contact the CIP office before applying.

CIP trainees who do not hold a graduate degree will enroll in a graduate program leading to a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree at the University of Toronto and must fulfill admission requirements of the participating graduate unit. Applicants are reviewed by both the Graduate Admissions Committee of the respective graduate unit and the CIP Committee.

Trainees who have already completed a Ph.D. degree are encouraged to apply and, if accepted, will enter the CIP as a postdoctoral fellow. For such individuals, the CIP will provide an opportunity to integrate research and clinical care to add to their previous research experience in an appropriate mentoring environment. These individuals must still fulfil the requirements of the CIP program.