Executive Council

B. Orser (Chair)
J. Maynes
A. Baker
B. Cuthbertson
K. Karkouti
L. Venkat Raghavan

V. Kamble
S. Spadafora
D. Lam
C. Loffelmann
A. Sarmah
C. Srinivas
E. You-Ten

J. Fiorellino
A. Macarthur
A. Niazi
M. Sheppard
S. Riazi
N. Clavel
C. McCartney

Makes operational and policy-related decisions on basis of Chair’s strategic direction including the financial, administrative and research-related issues of the Department.

Education Council

A. Niazi (Chair)
B. Orser
L. Venkat Raghavan
A. Sarmah
E. You-Ten
J. Fiorellino
V. Kamble
M. Sheppard
E. Ng
L. Bahrey
J. Hanlon
A. Kealey
N. Clavel
J. Moran (secretary)

A forum of the directors of each educational program of the Department; coordinates educational efforts and makes recommendations about policy and resources.

Departmental Appointments Committee (DAC) 2023-2024

C. Loffelmann (Chair)
K. Khanduja
K. Kirkham
D. McKnight
J. Taam
J. de Ruiter
W. Darrah
Z. Friedman
L. Venkatraghavan

M. Ma
P. Murphy
F. de Vasconcelos Papa
F. Massouh

Ensures consistent and appropriate appointment processes for the department; conducts performance reviews of full-time appointments in accordance with the Procedures Manual for the Policy for Clinical Faculty as revised from time to time.

Promotions Committee

F. Chung (Chair)
A. Vegas
M. Balki
F. Campbell
D. Wijeysundera
S. Abrahamson
M. Parotto
S. Choi
G. Djaiani (Advisor)
V. Chan (Advisor)
L. Isaac

J. Heggie
T. Chowdhury

Reviews faculty applications for promotions; provides recommendations to Chair on promotions.

Undergraduate Education Committee

A. Sarmah (Chair)
E. Pankiv 
E. Wild 
D. He
J. Meng 
B. Ma
W. Pfeifer
S. Chan
S. Ladowski
J. Knight
C. Flynn
J. DeBacker
P. Mark 
P. Nandra 
Z. Unger 
K. Pungsornruk
Year 1 Resident Representative
Year 2 Resident Representative
Year 3 Resident Representative
Year 4  Resident Representative
E. Bowman (Secretary)

Promotes excellence in undergraduate education through all years of Medicine, specifically promoting excellence in teaching perioperative medicine (including preoperative evaluation skills; resuscitation; pain management; technical skills; team centered care). Develops and implements innovative teaching through simulation and web-based educational tools.

Post-Graduate Education Committee

E. You-Ten (Chair)
J. Fiorellino (Co-Chair)
A. Niazi

R. Moga
M. Baxter
J. Lu
C. Hudson
A. Rotstein
J. Cyr
L. Bosco
A. Prasad
D. Singh
M. Khalid
V. Sheng
C. Meschino
K. Hao
J. Mikhaeil
G. Raghavan
M. Ge
A. Downie
E. Tang
F. Santos
Z. Sweidan
K. Vannelli
S. Tan (Admin)
D. Rodrigues (Admin)

Develops and revises postgraduate academic program; evaluates residents, teachers and rotations; participates in a fair, open and transparent selection process for new residents; ensures program adherence to the Standards of Accreditation of the RCPSC; reviews residents in difficulty and makes recommendations to Program Director.

Anesthesia Residency Education Steering Sub-Committee

A. Niazi (Chair)
B. Orser
L. Murgaski
E. You-Ten

J. Fiorellino
A. Tan
P. Campisi
S. Jensen
N. Clavel
P. Panchal
V. Patel

D. Rodrigues
S. Tan
K. Chapman

Leads the response to the issues identified in the 2020 external review by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Pain Medicine Postgraduate Education Committee

M. Sheppard (Chair)
B. Orser
A. Niazi
A. Saltman
S. Banerjee

E. Baig
H. Meng
L. Sivan
D. Flamer
N. Sun
A. Kirschner                                                      
N. Mittal
O. Zamir
T. Di Renna
H. Khayyat (PGY 6)
K. De Oliveira (PGY 7)
W. Kingston (Neurology rotation representative)
W. Lamba (Addictions rotation representative)

P. Barrios (Secretary)

Develops and revises residency academic program; evaluates residents, teachers and rotations; participates in a fair, open and transparent selection process for new residents; ensures program adherence to the Standards of Accreditation of the RCPSC; reviews residents and makes recommendations to Program Director. 

Fellowship Education Program 

L. Venkat Raghavan (Chair)
A. Niazi
F. Caparica Santos
S. Schiavo
R. George

F. Zasso
P. McHardy
A. Snyman
I. Srinivasan
P. Barrios
Chief Fellow Representative 1
Chief Fellow Representative 2

Responsible for overall conduct of the program; reviews and revises fellowship program as needed to ensure program offers academically robust and clinically relevant training; develops fellow selection criteria; assesses the quality of clinical fellowship placements based on trainee and supervisor feedback; monitors positions offered at each clinical site to ensure acceptable trainee to staff ratio; advises ACUDA / CAS of program offerings based on past academic year.

FPA Enhanced Skills Program Committee

V. Kamble (Chair)
A. Niazi
B. Orser
E. You-Ten
G. Raghavan
C. Meschino
JD Cyr
P. Barrios
R. Sood
Z. Siddiqui (Resident Representative)


Research Committee

B. Cuthbertson (Chair)
A. Niazi
L. Brochard
K. Karkouti
A. Perlas
W. van Klei
N. Siddiqui
J. Maynes
B. Steinberg
K. Aoyama

S. Choi
D. Wijeysundera
J. Bartoszko
A. Sanker
S. Nabecker
Y. Hoydonckx
L. Ho

Defines priorities, provides advice, and implements new initiatives that promote and support current and future research activities in the department; provides protocol review service and assistance for departmental faculty applying for grants; promotes linkages to foster departmental research activities.

Faculty Development and EDI Committee

N. Clavel (Co-Chair)
L. Isaac (Co-Chair)
P. Ganty
J. Wassermann
C. McCartney
E. Ng
M. Al Mandhri
C. Coutinho
A. Rotstein
F. Caparica Santos
S. Lilker
S. Sharma

An operations-focused group, the Faculty Development Committee mandate is to advise, plan and implement various program-related initiatives (e.g. Annual Faculty Development Day, New Faculty Experience Program, databases on educational and funding opportunities, needs assessments, etc.)

Shields Day Planning Committee

Y. Hoydonckx (Chair)
V. Chan (Advisor)
J. Bartoszko
N. Goldenberg
S. Nabecker

C. Diep - Resident Representative
C. Brenna - Resident Representative

B. Bui 
P. Barrios
K. Chapman
M. Nafari

Organizes the scientific program including theme, speakers, and overall program. Implements program and logistical details.