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Our department is committed to provide very high-quality experiences across the educational spectrum: undergraduate, postgraduate, fellowship, continuing education, and faculty development. Our continuing education and faculty development groups deliver high-quality programs in the form of conferences, workshops and online courses. Due to their efforts, our faculty and educational programs have gained national and international recognition and the department is committed to the continuous improvement of all our educational activities.

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Learner Assistance

This section is intended as a quick reference for trainees at the University of Toronto who are experiencing an urgent or crisis situation

Our undergraduate program provides a comprehensive experience to medical students, utilizing online e-Learning modules, clinical exposure, and simulation. In addition, many faculty members are involved in formal undergraduate teaching beyond the scope of anesthesia

One of the largest Departments of Anesthesia in North America with unparalleled opportunities and resources that translates into exceptional learning opportunities and clinical training with near unbounded possibilities in academic achievement.

A 52-week Residency Program designed to provide Family Physicians with the knowledge and the skills to be able to provide anesthesia care for low risk patients undergoing relatively uncomplicated procedures, particularly in smaller rural communities.

A multidisciplinary 2-year subspecialty program that provides exceptional learning opportunities with dedicated faculty, research productivity, and large and diverse patient population.

An extensive fellowship program, which attracts trainees from around the world to work with the multitude of internationally recognized experts within our department.

The AFC Hyperbaric Medicine Program is a competency-based, program. The program length is a minimum 3-12 months (maximum 24 months), depending upon whether the components are undertaken on a full or part time basis.