Junior Academic Promotions

What is Junior Promotion?

Junior Promotion refers to the promotion from Lecturer to the rank of Assistant Professor. 

It is a separate process from Senior Promotions, during which candidates are reviewed by the Department Appointments Committee (DAC).

Table of Contents

The Application Process

Applications for junior promotion are accepted on a quarterly basis. The DAC makes recommendations to the Chair, who forwards recommendations to the Dean, Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

If approved by the Dean, the promotions are effective shortly after the date of recommendation.

How to Apply

Using the online application form, complete the Application for a Clinical (MD) Promotion – Lecturer to Assistant Professor. Please provide the following documents below with your application:

  1. Cover Letter addressed to the Chair indicating that you wish to seek promotion. Describe the basis for the promotion. (See above advanced degree or sustained commitment). The letter should outline your academic record and achievements related to your focus of work, describing the accomplishments since your primary appointment that qualify you for promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor. The letter should be provided on institutional letterhead with a signature included.
  2. Letter of support from the hospital Chief, addressed to the Chair.
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae (UofT format)
  4. Up-to-date Teaching Dossier (UofT format)
  5. Teaching Dossier Appendices (teaching evaluations, unsolicited testimonials, etc.)
  6. CPA Dossier and Appendices
  7. Copy of your original Offer of Academic Appointment letter from UofT (signed).
  8. Copy of your original Academic Position Description (signed).
  9. Two to three internal letters of reference.

Pathways and Criteria for Promotion

The Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee (FAAC) guidelines describe the following pathways and criteria for a promotion from the rank of Lecturer to Assistant Professor:

Pathway One

The Advanced Degree Pathway: A faculty member who holds a Lecturer appointment and has successfully completed a recognized graduate program may apply for promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor.

Additional information:

  1. The degree program must have been completed as documented by successful defense of a thesis or awarding of the degree before submission of the request for promotion.
  2. In some cases, a prior formal advanced training program (fellowship) deemed to be equivalent to a Master’s level program may be acceptable.
  3. In addition, it is expected that the faculty member will have at least one or two published first authored peer-reviewed publications at the time of such a request.
  4. In the absence of a first author publication, the faculty member can supply evidence of excellence in education. One or more of the following can be considered as evidence of excellence:
    • Sustained teaching excellence with evidence captured in a strong teaching dossier.
    • Design and development of educational programs including curricula development cycle, educational materials
    • Creative Professional Activity (CPA) in teaching/education. Evidence of impact of CPA must be provided.

Pathway Two

Sustained commitment to the academic mission pathway: A faculty member who demonstrates a sustained commitment to teaching, research, and/or creative professional activity over a period of time as a Lecturer may be considered for promotion to the rank of the Assistant Professor.

This pathway is appropriate for faculty who do not meet the Advanced Degree pathway.

Additional information:

  1. There is no defined length of time for “sustained” but it is generally taken to be at least three to five years.
  2. An application based on sustained commitment should be accompanied by a Teaching Dossier including supporting documentation (e.g., evaluations). Applications on other platforms (i.e., research, CPA) should also be supported by the relevant dossier and CV.
  3. Administrative activities are taken into account in assessing faculty for promotion in both pathways, but are given less weight than academic activities and cannot serve as the sole basis for promotion. Other evidence of academic achievement since primary appointment, such as research funding, academic positions, patents and invited lectures are considered and should be included in the application file where relevant. Impact of scholarship at local or regional levels should be demonstrated in the file.

Please note that requests for promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor may be made at any time the faculty meets the above criteria.

The Timeline

2022-2023 DAC Deadlines

Submission Deadline:

DAC Meeting Date:

March 19, 2024

May 14, 2024

August 1, 2024

September 10, 2024

October 1, 2024

November 11, 2024

January 10, 2025

February 25, 2025

April 7, 2025

May 13, 2025

For more information on junior promotions or the process, please email us.