Joint Clinical/Malignant Hyperthermia Research Fellowship (TGH)

Toronto General Hospital

Two-year joint clinical/MH research fellowship (1 position every 2nd year)

Clinical Curriculum: 

Malignant hyperthermia investigation unit (MHIU) at Toronto General Hospital is one of the earliest laboratories in the world performing muscle biopsy and caffeine halothane contracture testing. MHIU is the referral center for MH susceptible patients from across Canada. The unit is a combined diagnostic and research center. The research areas include clinical and database research, as well as calcium physiology, and genetics.

The purpose of this unique fellowship is to provide interested candidates a more in depth knowledge on:

  1. MH pathophysiology, skeletal muscle physiology, and genetics 
  2. An excellent opportunity for research in a well-established laboratory with access to MH susceptible patients from all over Canada. 

Successful candidate will spend 3 days as an Advanced Clinical Fellow at Toronto General Hospital operating rooms, as well as 2 days in the MH laboratory.

The research curriculum will include: 
Basic laboratory techniques, including DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, running blots, protein extraction, calcium imaging techniques, caffeine-halothane contracture testing.

Clinically, the candidate will get familiar with clinical aspects of MH, patient referrals, assessment of at risk individuals, participation in the clinic, and genetic counselling. 
The candidate will also have the opportunity to get familiar with RYR1- related myopathies, and exercise, and heat-induced rhabdomyolysis and the connection with malignant hyperthermia.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates, who have completed Anesthesiology residency in an accredited program, are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to candidates with graduate degree with an interest in bench/laboratory research.

Call duties:

On call duties will be for the main operating room at Toronto General Hospital. On Call duties start at 16:00 regardless of an academic or clinical assignment that day. The fellow will be off post call the following day. Weekend call is one in three to four weekends.  

Education Curriculum:

Tuesday bi-weekly fellows’ rounds at 17: 00 are mandatory.  


Completion of at least one project is required.However candidate can participate in as many projects as possible

Applications and Enquires:

Please send an updated Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Intent to:  

Dr. Sheila Riazi, MSc, MD
Director, MH investigation unit 
Toronto General Hospital 
323-200 Elizabeth Street, EN3-438 
Toronto, ON Canada M5G 2C4