Dr. John Desmond Award

Dr. John DesmondDr. John Desmond The Dr. John Desmond Award was established in 1994 to recognize excellence in clinical teaching of undergraduate students. Dr. Desmond was widely acknowledged for his insight and mentoring of medical students. Toronto General Hospital – 1965-1995. The award is presented annually to a Department of Anesthesia faculty member who is judged to be an outstanding clinical teacher of undergraduate students. An individual may receive this award only once in any ten year period.

Nomination criteria may include:

  • Excellent teaching record over a period of at least three years
  • Excellence in clinical teaching, lecturing, and tutoring
  • Demonstrated interest and activity to improve teaching
  • Demonstrated interest in helping students to learn
  • Teaching innovations designed to improve learning
  • Involvement in educational research
  • Active involvement in education committees and/or administration

Faculty members in the Department of Anesthesia and medical students are invited to nominate candidates. Medical students wishing assistance in a nomination should contact their site coordinator.


2019 Jeff Wassermann

2018 Dr. Zoe Unger

2017 Dr. Dragan Djordjevic

2016  Dr. Natalie Clavel

2015  Dr. Clyde Matava

2014  Dr. Ahtsham Niazi

2013  Dr. Marjan Jariani  

2012  Dr. Anita Sarmah 

2011  Dr. James Robertson 

2010  Dr. Lisa Bahrey 

2009  Dr. Isabella Devito

2008  Dr. William Middleton

2007  Dr. Robert Chen

2006  Dr. Gordon Urbach

2005  Dr. Jordan Tarshis

2004  Dr. Dragan Djordjevic

2003  Dr. Beverly Morningstar

2002  Dr. Hal Braden

2001  Dr. Carmencita Castro

2000  Dr. John Bradley

1999  Dr. Susan Bertram

1998  Dr. Ron Crago

1997  Dr. Irene McGhee

1996  Dr. Isabella Devito

1995  Dr. Pamela Morgan

1994  Dr. Christina Benedict