Clinical Excellence Awards

This award is given by the UT Department of Anesthesia to full or part‐time faculty members in the department within each of the fully or partially affiliated hospitals and their respective sites who has been judged by the department’s faculty, fellows and residents to be an outstanding clinician within the Anesthesia community.¹ Up to 14 awards are available per year (one award per hospital site per year).

Nomination criteria include excellent clinical skills (Anesthesia or Critical Care Medicine) and consistent demonstration of exemplary patient service.

    a) Excellence in clinical practice and a high level of skill (i.e., the practitioner that you would want to care for your family members)

    b) An inspiration and role model to trainees on a clinical level (anesthesia or critical care medicine focus)

    c) Displays courtesy, compassion, personal commitment and an overall dedication to patient care and the clinical mission

Voting: Where more than one nomination/candidate per hospital site has been presented in any given year, all faculty, fellows and residents at the respective site only during the relevant period of time will be asked to vote electronically for the candidates. The vote will be administered by the UT department. All votes are anonymous, one vote per individual, majority rules.

Awards Presentation: The awards will be presented at the UT Department of Anesthesia Shields Research Day event in May of each year.


¹ Eligible hospitals include: The Hospital for Sick Children; St. Michael’s Hospital; Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; University Health Network including Sinai Health System, Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital; Women’s College Hospital; Michael Garron Hospital; Scarborough Hospital (two sites); St. Joseph’s Health Centre; Humber River Regional Hospital; Trillium Health Partners; North York General Hospital; Southlake Regional Health Centre; and William Osler.

Award Winners


The Hospital for Sick Children - Dr. Joost DeRuiter
St. Michael's Hospital - Dr. Michael Sklar
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Dr. Lesley Sinclair
Michael Garron Hospital - Dr. Gordon Robison
Mount Sinai Hospital - Dr. Nam Le
Toronto General Hospital - Dr. Martin Ma
Toronto Western Hospital - Dr. Gianni Lorello
Women's College Hospital - Dr. Natalie Clavel


The Hospital for Sick Children - Lisa Isaac
St. Michael's Hospital - Kan Ma
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Herman Chan
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - Sunil Kapoor
Mount Sinai Hospital - MItal Joshi
Toronto General Hospital - Adriaan Van Rensburg
Toronto Western Hospital - David T. Wong
Women's College Hospital -Gerald O'Leary


The Hospital for Sick Children - Basem Naser
St. Michael's Hospital - Andrea Rigamonti
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Ben Safa
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - Emily Mosher
Mount Sinai Hospital - Alison Macarthur
Toronto General Hospital -Marjan Jariani
Toronto Western Hospital - Philip Peng
Women's College Hospital - Tania DiRenna


The Hospital for Sick Children - Vanessa Chin
St. Michael's Hospital - Brian Pollard
St. Joseph's Hospital - Pal Mercerau
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Edgar Hockman
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - Alfio Meshino
Mount Sinai Hospital - Naveed Siddiqui
Toronto General Hospital -Stuart McCluskey
Toronto Western Hospital - Atul Prabhu
Women's College Hospital - Kyle Kirkham


The Hospital for Sick Children - Karen Cybulski
St. Michael's Hospital - Mark Kataoka
St. Joseph's Hospital - Ali Abbass
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Paul McHardy
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - Juliana Tibbet
Mount Sinai Hospital - Peter Ho
Toronto General Hospital - Richard Cooper
Toronto Western Hospital - Paul Tenenbein
Women's College Hospital - Ki Jinn Chin


The Hospital for Sick Children - Bernard Braude
St. Michael's Hospital - Rachel Martin
St. Joseph's Hospital - David Holt
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Jordan Tarshis
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - James Kulchyk
Mount Sinai Hospital - Kristina Khanduja
Toronto General Hospital -Jane Heggie
Toronto Western Hospital - Vincent Chan
Women's College Hospital - Jacob Lai


The Hospital for Sick Children - James Robertson
St. Michael's Hospital - Bok Man Chan
St. Joseph's Hospital - Marcus Wong
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Program - Jonathan Kong
Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East General Hospital) - Vaibhav Kamble
Mount Sinai Hospital - Greg Silverman
Toronto General Hospital - Rita Katznelson
Toronto Western Hospital - Pirjo Manninen
Women's College Hospital - Pam Morgan


Mount Sinai Hosptial - Cristian Arzola
The Hospital for Sick Children - Bruce Dodgson
St. Michael's Hospital - Alex Ho
St. Joseph's Hospital - Syed Ali Abass
Toronto East General - Patrick Mark
Toronto General Hospital - Ray Ko
Toronto Western Hospital - Bill Middleton
Women's College Hospital - Anuj Bhatia
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Marianne Graham


Mount Sinai Hosptial - Josh Rucker
Women's College Hosptial - Sheila Riazi
The Hospital for Sick Children - Helen Holtby
St. Joseph's Health Centre - Suzanne Lilker
Toronto General Hospital - Karen McRae
Toronto Western Hospital - Lashmi Venkat


St. Michael’s Hospital - Simon Abrahamson 
Toronto General Hospital - Andrew Roscoe 
Mount Sinai Hospital - Ivor Fleming 
Women’s College Hospital - Ricky Brull
Toronto Western Hospital - Glenn McGuire  
The Hospital for Sick Children - Bruce Macpherson  
St. Joseph’s Health Centre - Vicky McCarthy


Mount Sinai Hospital - Aliya Salman 
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Martin Chapman 
St. Josephs Health Centre - Marcus Wong 
Toronto Western Hospital - Martyn Roberts


Toronto Western Hospital – Atul Prabhu 
Toronto General Hospital – Pat McNama 
Mount Sinai Hospital – James Teresi 
Sunnybook Health Sciences  – Alayne Kealey 
St. Josephs Health Centre – Vicky McCarthy