The Scarborough Hospital

The Department of Anesthesia at The Scarborough Hospital comprises twenty five Active members with thirteen at the General Campus and twelve at the Birchmount. Most surgical services are represented with the exception of thoracic, neurosurgery and open heart surgery. Some services are regionalized to one site. Vascular surgery and major back surgery are predominantly centered at the General Campus. There is a strong orthopedic program at both sites. Pediatric dental anesthesia is provided at the Birchmount site. The plastic surgery department comprises nine plastic surgeons. In addition, we have a strong cataract program at the Birchmount site. Endoscopy sedation services are provided at both sites

The Department of Anesthesia supports a multidisciplinary pre-admit clinic three days a week at the General site. There is a smaller daily anesthesia consult clinic at the Birchmount site. A well organized Acute Pain Service is present at both sites with an Advanced Practice Nurse, Acute Pain on site at the General Campus.  Interventional blocks for chronic pain are provided at the General site. Twenty four hour obstetrical coverage is provided at both sites. There are approximately 190,000 patient visits, and 5,600 births annually across the organization.

Scarborough Hospital is a fully affiliated teaching hospital with the University of Toronto. The Department of Anesthesia receives clinical clerks from the University as part of their core clinical rotation. In addition, family practice residents based at the Scarborough Hospital frequently rotate through the Department. Other teaching includes medical students both from Canada and abroad as well as medical and anesthesia residents doing an elective or selective. The Department has a strong tradition of working overseas, and members have been on missions to Vietnam, Yemen, Guyana and Rwanda.

Anesthetist-in-Chief: Dr. Winston Wong





Scarborough General

The Scarborough Hospital General Campus
3050 Lawrence Ave. E
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Scarborough BirchmountThe Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus
3030 Birchmount Road
Scarborough, ON M1W 3W3