Advanced Clinical Practice (Multi-Site)

New Multi-Site Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship

(up to 3 positions per year)

The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship is designed for the candidate that would like to gain more experience in all common aspects of general anesthesia practice, some of which will incorporate higher risk patients. It is designed to help a recent graduate consolidate their experience and work in a semi-autonomous, but supported environment. Successful applicants will work at 2 different hospital sites to be maximally exposed to a different mix of cases and practice styles. Six to nine months will be spent at each of the 2 hospitals listed below. There is flexibility to extend the fellowship for another 6 months in some form if a suitable candidate wishes and a position is available.

Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship at TGH is designed for the candidate that would like to gain more experience in high risk anesthesia and will involve predominantly surgical oncology, vascular, cardiac patients for non-cardiac procedures as well as organ transplant survivors and potential recipients. It is well suited to the recent graduate that would like an additional year of experience prior to embarking on a busy community practice as well as to the graduate of a subspecialty program such as cardiac who want to familiarize themselves with procedures involving regional and neuraxial techniques for surgery and post-operative pain management. The fellow will be assigned to services that include surgical oncology, hepatobiliary, urology, head and neck, reconstructive plastic surgery,as well as on-call thoracic non-lung transplant cases. The fellow will also be involved in the pre-admission clinic for pre-operative assessment. The environment is also well suited to a candidate preparing for the Canadian licensing exams.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SBH)

The Advanced Clinical Fellowship at SBH involves gaining experience in the anesthetic management of all types of surgery carried out at Sunnybrook except cardiacanesthesia. Surgical services represented in the OR include general (including major colorectal, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic oncology), trauma surgery,otolaryngology, urology, orthopedics, plastic and facial reconstructive and burn surgery, cancer reconstructive surgery involving muscle flaps, gynecologic oncology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, and major spine surgery. Ancillary anesthetic locations include the cardiac catheterization laboratory for implantable defibrillator insertion, MAZE and ablation procedures, radiology suite for various embolization and stent procedures,psychiatry ward for electroconvulsive therapy, and the cancer centre for insertion of radiotherapy devices. Fellows may work in the pre-assessment clinic in rotation with staff and also participate in running the acute pain service on a rotational basis. As Sunnybrook is a tertiary care trauma centre, particular experience in managing blunt and penetrating trauma will be gained during this fellowship. There will also be opportunities to be exposed to regional anesthesia and obstetrical anesthesia. Though this is a general clinical anesthesia fellowship, we will make efforts to meet the trainee's clinical and educational goals by creating a more focused program.

Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH)

The General Clinical Anesthesia Fellowship program at Mount Sinai Hospital provides an experience in clinical anesthesia, as well as didactic teaching sessions. Clinical anesthesia involves a wide variety of surgery except for subspecialties of cardiac,thoracic, and neurosurgery. Surgical cases in the operating room consist of general surgery, orthopedics, plastics, gynecology, ophthalmology,otolaryngology, oral maxillary, dental, urology, and major oncological surgery.Clinical fellows also have the opportunity to experience cases outside the operating room including electroconvulsive therapy, radiological procedures,and cardioversion. In addition, Clinical Anesthesia Fellows are expected to assist in obstetrical anesthesia, some of which may be high risk, when being on-call. Education is provided to clinical fellows in the form of didactic sessions in OB anesthesia, and/or oral exam preparatory seminars. 

Specific Requirements

Canadian or US applicants should have completed their residency training AND have at least completed 36 months of clinical anesthesia. American applicants need an extra year after their CA-3 year before starting.

Applicants, if not trained in Canada or USA, should have passed all specialty exams in their country of training and hold a specialty certificate from their country. Applicants must be trained from aRoyal College accepted jurisdiction. For a list of eligible training jurisdictions, see the following page and click on the link provided by the Royal College:

Candidates must be within 3 years of completing their training.


  • Applications should be made at least 15 months in advance.
  • All of the above criteria need to be satisfied.
  • Please send a CV and a letter of intent to the two Fellowship Program Coordinators.

Note: Due to high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will receive a response.