Undergraduate Education Committee


The Undergraduate Education Committee’s mandate is to promote excellence in Undergraduate education from the onset to completion of Medicine, specifically promoting excellence in teaching Perioperative medicine; including preoperative evaluation skills, resuscitation, pain management, technical skills, team centered care and other essential skills necessary for all physicians. Development and implementation of innovative teaching through simulation and web-based educational tools will be incorporated to achieve these goals.

Committee Members

The Undergraduate program could not function at a high level of excellence without the commitment and dedication of the Undergraduate Education Committee. The committee is composed of the site coordinators from our 6 core teaching hospitals and our 6 community partners, as well as our electives coordinator, simulation coordinator, pre-clerkship coordinator, E-learning coordinator, a Year 3 and 4 student representative, a resident representative, the Vice-Chair of Education and the Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. This committee meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.

 Course Director

Course Administrator

Dr. Anita Sarmah

Email: anita.sarmah@sunnybrook.ca

Ms. Eva Bowman

Email: undergrad.anesthesia@utoronto.ca


Director (Faculty)

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Evelina Pankiv

Email: evelina.pankiv@sickkids.ca

Makisha Vijikaran

Email: makisha.vijikaran@sickkids.ca


Dr. Evan Wild

Email: evan.wild@sinaihealth.ca

Dr. David He

Email: david.he@sinaihealth.ca

Lourdes Gomes

Email: lourdes.gomes@sinaihealth.ca


Dr. Jane Meng

Email: zhen.meng@nygh.on.ca

Peggy Sze

Email: Peggy.sze@nygh.on.ca


Dr. Bernard Ma

Email: bernie.ma@mail.utoronto.ca



Dr. Wesla Pfeifer

Email: Wesla.ferrarezi@unityhealth.to

Dr. Stephen Chan

Email: skw.chan@unityhealth.to

Anna Salter

Email: anna.salter@unityhealth.to


Dr. Stephanie Ladowski

Email: stephanie.ladowski@sunnybrook.ca

Eva Delavinias

Email: Eva.delavinias@sunnybrook.ca

Holly Mae

Email: Holly.Gabriel@sunnybrook.ca


Health Network

Dr. Jeffrey Knight

Email: jknight1@shn.ca

Rachel Marcello

Email: rmarcelo@shn.ca

Benson Fong

Email: bfong@shn.ca

Resident Representatives 2023/2024

Year Group


Year 2

Emily-Michaela Hamel

Email: emilymichaela.hamel@mail.utoronto.ca

Puru Panchal

Email: puru.panchal@mail.utoronto.ca

Year 3

Linor Berezin

Email: linor.berezin@mail.utoronto.ca

Connor Brenna

Email: connor.brenna@mail.utoronto.ca

Year 4

Dr. Lauren Riehm

Email: lauren.riehm@mail.utoronto.ca

Student Representatives 2023/2024

Year Group


Year 3

Yuanxin Xue

Email: yuanxin.xue@mail.utoronto.ca

Year 4

Mark Anczurowski

Email: mark.anczurowski@mail.utoronto.ca