Undergraduate Education Committee


The Undergraduate Education Committee’s mandate is to promote excellence in Undergraduate education from the onset to completion of Medicine, specifically promoting excellence in teaching Perioperative medicine; including preoperative evaluation skills, resuscitation, pain management, technical skills, team centered care and other essential skills necessary for all physicians. Development and implementation of innovative teaching through simulation and web-based educational tools will be incorporated to achieve these goals.

Committee Members

The Undergraduate program could not function at a high level of excellence without the commitment and dedication of the Undergraduate Education Committee. The committee is composed of the site coordinators from our 6 core teaching hospitals and our 6 community partners, as well as our electives coordinator, simulation coordinator, pre-clerkship coordinator, E-learning coordinator, a Year 3 and 4 student representative, a resident representative, the Vice-Chair of Education and the Chair of the Department of Anesthesia. This committee meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.


Dr. A. Niazi

Chair, Undergraduate Education Committee
Director, Undergraduate Education Program

Assistant Professor

Toronto Western HospitalP: (416) 978-8156
E: ahtsham.niazi@utoronto.ca
Dr. N. Clavel
Toronto Western HospitalP: (416) 603-5118
E: natalie.clavel@uhn.ca

Susan DeSousa
Lead Coordinator

Sunnybrook Health Sciences CentreP: (416) 946-0926
E: susan.desousa@sunnybrook.ca
Dr. D. Djordjevic
Assistant Professor
Women's College HospitalP: (416) 966-7111
E: dragan7777777777@yahoo.ca
Dr. C. Flynn 
Credit Valley HospitalP: (905) 813-2200
E: cflynn@cvh.on.ca
Dr. A. Green
Assistant Professor
Mississauga HospitalP: (905) 848-7628
E: drnumbgreen@gmail.com

Dr. D. Irwin
Assistant Professor

North York General HospitalP: (416) 756-6520
E: darryl.irwin@nygh.on.ca
Dr. M. Jariani
Assistant Professor
Toronto General HospitalP: (416) 340-5164
E: marjan.jariani@uhn.ca

Dr. M. Joshi
Assistant Professor

Mount Sinai HospitalP: (416) 586-5270
E: mital.joshi@utoronto.ca
Dr. S Lilker
St. Joseph's Health CentreP: (416) 530-6000
E: slilker@rogers.com
Dr. C. Loffelmann
St. Michael's HospitalP: (416) 864-5071
E: loffelmannc@smh.ca
Dr. P. Mark
Assistant Professor
Toronto East GeneralP: (416) 469-6580 x6212
E: patrick.mark@utoronto.ca
Dr. C. Matava
Assistant Professor 
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenP: (416) 813-7445
E: clyde.matava@sickkids.ca
Dr. D. McKnight
St. Michael's HospitalP: (416) 864-5977
E: d.mcknight@utoronto.ca
Dr. L. Panos
The Scarborough HospitalP: (416) 996-2571
E: lpanos300@gmail.com
Dr. A. Sarmah
Assistant Professor
Sunnybrook Health Sciences CentreP: (416) 480-4864
E: anita.sarmah@sunnybrook.ca
Dr. A. Tallmeister
The Scarborough HospitalP: (416) 495-2561
E: tallmeister9818@rogers.com
Dr. D. Tamir
Toronto General HospitalP: (416) 340-5164
E: diana.tamir@uhn.ca

Ehtesham Baig

Howard Meng

Eric Siu

Dipen Thakrar

Department of Anesthesia 

Justin Oh
4th Year Representative

Madelaine Kukko
3rd Year Representative

Department of Anesthesia 
Katia Malyuzhinets
Department of AnesthesiaP: (416) 946-0926
F: (416) 978-2408
E: katia.malyuzhinets@utoronto.ca