Thomas Donald Hammell Memorial Award

This award was donated to the Department of Anesthesia by Dr. Darlene Hammell, as a memorial to her husband, Dr. Thomas Donald Hammell.

The Thomas Donald Hammell Memorial Award in Anesthesia recognizes outstanding contributions to the Residency Program (as chosen by other residents).

Award Winners

2022 Dr. Petra Hroch

2021 Dr. Razvan Purza

2020 Dr. Cheng Zhou

2019 Dr. Tyler Brown

2018 Dr. Richa Sharma

2017 Dr. Alex Petre

2016  Dr. Chris Farlinger

2015  Dr. Marcos Silva

2014  Dr. Zoe Unger


2012  Dr. Warren Luksuk

2011  Dr. Kyle Kirkham 
2010  Dr. John Hanlon

2009  Dr. Greg Silverman

2008  Dr. Hance Clarke

2007  Dr. Tim Welke

2006  Dr. Randy Yue

2005  Dr. Susan French

2004  Dr. Shawn Mawhinney

2003  Dr. Trisha Mark

2002  Dr. Viren Naik

2001  Dr. Elaine Ng

2000  Dr. Brain Nishimura

1999  Dr. Naseer Baig

1998  Dr. Rassamee Ling

1997  Dr. Robert Chen

1996  Dr. Cameron Guest

1995  Dr. Chong Chow

1994  Dr. Basem Naser