R.J. Byrick Award

Dr. R. J. ByrickDr. Byrick was the department’s 6th Chair of Anesthesia, serving from 1993-2003. He was then the Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, until 2007. Dr. Byrick is currently a clinician at St. Michael’s Hospital.

The R.J. Byrick Award recognizes the best Fellow’s research paper presented at the Annual Shields Research Day.

Award Winners

2019 Usman Ali

2018 Sarah Tierney

2017 Giulia Maria Rugerri

2016  Dr. Lei Lei

2015  Dr. Natalie Silverton


2013  Dr. Husni Alakkad 

2012  Dr. Stuart Grant 

2011  Dr. Sylvain Boet

2010  Dr. Shivanada Nadiminti

2009  Dr. Edwin Seet

2008  Dr. Dylan Bould

2007  Dr. Michelle White

2006  Dr. Francesco A Grasso