Academic promotion within the University is one of the most important ways in which a University can recognize the excellence of its faculty in terms of teaching, research, creative professional activity (CPA) and other professional activities, both within and outside the University.

The process towards a successful promotion involves our department, the Faculty of Medicine, the Dean, and the University of President. Candidates for senior promotion (promotion to the rank of Associate or Full Professor) are first reviewed by the Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC). The process for senior promotions including relevant timelines can be found here. The candidates recommended for promotion by our department are then reviewed by the Decanal Promotions Committee which makes its recommendations to the Dean. The Dean forwards recommendations to the University Vice-President and Provost and, ultimately, the University President. If approved by the University, the promotions are effective on July 1st of the same year.  

Candidates for junior promotion (promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor) are reviewed by the Departmental Appointments Committee (DAC). Applications for promotion are accepted on a quarterly basis. The DAC makes recommendations to the Chair for promotion. In turn, the Chair forwards recommendations to the Dean, Faculty of Medicine. If approved by the Dean, the promotions are effective shortly after the date of recommendation. The process and timelines for junior promotions can be found here.

There are three ways that faculty can seek promotion:

  • Reviews of CVs by the Chair;
  • Proposals made by the Anesthesiologist-in-Chief to the Chair; or,
  • Written self-nominations by the candidate, addressed to the Chair.

Faculty who appear to be strong candidates for promotion are encouraged to follow the processes and timelines outlined on these pages.

Both the Departmental Promotions Committee and the Departmental Appointments Committee review each candidate's dossier thoroughly and advises the candidates about any areas in their documents which do not conform with the Promotions Manual guidelines. The Committee might also recommend some changes to enhance the candidates' chances at the next stage of the process. The committees then make their final recommendations to the Departmental Chair for submission to the Dean and/or the Decanal Committee.

Candidates not recommended for promotion by the DPC are given reasons along with suggestions on how to improve their future chances. This is an important part of the Committee's role in Faculty Development. The candidates are also free to contact any of the Committee members for ongoing advice or feedback pertaining to their documentation and the promotions process.

For a comprehensive review of the promotions process at the Faculty of Medicine, please visit the Faculty's Appointments & Promotions  webpage. 

For information regarding the promotions process, please contact the department via