Faculty Development Day 2022

Faculty Development Day 2022 was a tremendous success.

Held on November 11, 2022, we had a very successful event with over 200 delegates attending from the Departments of Surgery, Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, and Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine.  We were delighted to see many familiar faces of our faculty and fellows as we presented a day of learning and collaboration focused on the theme: Humanity in Medicine: Physician Burnout or Joy: Rediscover the Rewards of a Career in Academic Medicine.

This day would not have been possible without the amazing contributions of our keynote speaker and workshop leaders. Their presentations were insightful, and thought-provoking and started many important conversations.

We would also like to thank the following event leadership and speakers:

Dr. Nirit Bernhard “The Art and Science of Being a Reflective Practitioner”
Dr. Diana Toubassi "Resident Reflection Rounds: A curriculum to support trainee well-being and professional identity formation"
Dr. Glen Bandiera
“Revisiting Rosetta: Do we have a ‘lost in translation’ problem in inter-generational medical education?”
Dr. Arno K. Kumagai
“Reaching Beyond Competencies: Teaching for Humanism in Medical Education”
Dr. Meb Rashid & Dr. Philip Berger

“Social Medicine: Widening the Surgical Field - The Case of Cuts to Refugee Health Care”
Dr. Carol Loffelmann
“Setting Yourself up for Academic Success: Overview of requirements for 3-year academic review and junior promotion at The University of Toronto”
Dr. Colin McCartney

“Setting Yourself up for Academic Success: Overview of The University of Ottawa Junior Faculty Mentorship Program & Needs Assessment”
Dr. Natalie Clavel
“Panel Discussion & CBL-Improving Teaching Effectiveness in the Operating Room: What’s the Secret Sauce?”
Dr. Nadia Primiani and Dr. Warren Lewin
“Civility, Leadership and Professionalism: The Team Debrief – Death as a learning experience”
Dr. Deepa Kattail, Dr. Fiona Campbell & Dr. Ki Jinn Chin
“Creative Professional Activity: Maximize your academic impact with a strong online and social media presence”
FDD 2022 Poster
Faculty Development Day 2022 Poster