Dr. Evelyn Bateman Award

Dr. Evelyn BatemanDr. Evelyn Bateman served as anesthetist-in-chief at Women's College Hospital from 1956 - 1972. During her tenure, residents and interns were trained in anesthetics at Women's College Hospital (full affiliation of the department of anesthesia with the University of Toronto came in 1969). The surgical suite had a modern recovery room. There was an anesthetist in the hospital at all times to deal with emergency surgery and obstetrical complications. At that time, Dr. Bateman and Dr. Hilda Roberts published numerous scientific papers about clinical anesthesia for operations and for obstetrics.

The Dr. Evelyn Bateman Award is awarded in recognition of excellence in anesthesia at the undergraduate level.

Award Winners

2022 Siraj Zahr

2021 Dong An

2020 Erika Hastings

2019 Alexander Sapa

2018 Sally Hu

2017 Madelaine Kukko

2016 Justin Oh

2015 David MacLean

2014 Howard Meng

2013 Eric Siu

2012 Maria-Alexandra Petre

2011 Ainsley Sutherland

2010 Robert Bechamp

2009 John Kim

2008 Natasha Ruth Saunders

2007 Ian Randall

2006 Ben-Ari Fried / Cara Polson

2005 Kevin Lai

2004 Nicholas Lo

2003 Hance Clarke

2002 Julie Lajoie

2001 Renee Allard

2000 Gordon Buduhan

1999 Jens Looser

1998 Shawn Mawhinney

1997 Ursula Jurt

1996 Carol Loffelmann

1995 Laura Hopkins

1994 Desmond Lam