Senior Academic Promotions

2019-2020 Promotions Guidelines: Associate and Full Professor Rank

Academic promotion at the University of Toronto is based on accomplishment in scholarship (research and/or creative professional activity), teaching and service to the University:

  • Scholarship – Research (as demonstrated by a Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents)
  • Creative Professional Activity (as demonstrated by a CPA Dossier and supporting appendices)
  • Teaching – this is mandatory for all applicants; one cannot teach poorly and achieve promotion (demonstrated by a Teaching Dossier, teaching evaluations, unsolicited teaching-related testimonials, etc.).
  • Administration (if applicable, and as demonstrated through the Administrative Dossier and supporting documents)

We urge you to carefully consider completion of each of these dossiers, where applicable. Note that the greatest weight will be given to excellence in scholarly achievement (research and/or CPA), and to excellence in teaching:

“The successful candidate for promotion will be expected to have established a wide reputation in his or her field of interest, to be deeply engaged in scholarly work, and to show him/her-self to be an effective teacher. These are the main criteria. However, either excellent teaching alone or excellent scholarship alone, sustained over many years, could also in itself justify eventual promotion to the rank of Professor. Administrative or other service to the University and related activities will be taken into account in assessing candidates for promotion, but given less weight than the main criteria: promotion will not be based primarily on such service.” Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions, 1980, paragraph 7).

Note that the term “wide reputation” is interpreted as meaning national recognition for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, and international recognition for promotion to the rank of full Professor (FoM Manual for Academic Promotions, July 2018). This is most clearly demonstrated through invited lectures, invitations to sit on journal editorial committees, and the strength, caliber and range of external referees.  Note that promotion on a single criterion can be achieved in the Faculty of Medicine; however, this generally takes longer to do. “Sustained achievement” normally means at least 10 years (FoM Manual for Academic Promotions July 2018, available at Academic Promotions Manual 2018). A detailed overview of the criteria for promotion is available in the FoM Manual for Academic Promotions 2018.

Promotions at these ranks are reviewed first by the Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC). They are then forwarded to the Decanal Promotions Committee for review, and finally, the Dean and Provost for final approvals. From the first deadline, the promotions process takes 12 months to complete.

The table below provides an outline of the responsibilities and departmental deadlines for candidates requesting promotion to Associate Professor or Full Professor. Please note that these deadlines are firm. Please contact the department’s Academic Coordinator should you require assistance.

Please download the summary and timeline to help you navigate through the promtion process: Summary Guideline for Senior Promotion . The guide outlines the responsibilities and departmental deadlines for candidates requesting promotion to Associate Professor or Full Professor. Please note that these deadlines are firm.


We urge all candidates to thoroughly read the Faculty of Medicine Academic Promotions Manual, July 2017. The process may be quite different from previous years. A copy of the manual is available for download here.

Changes or updates to your documentation will be accepted up to November 22, 2019. Please be sure to adhere to this deadline as final uploading of your dossier onto the faculty’s system will occur shortly thereafter.

Department of Anesthesia Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC) Membership (as of June 2018)

  • Beverley Orser, Professor & Chair
  • Frances Chung (Chair of Commitee), Professor, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Annette Vegas, Professor, Toronto General Hospital
  • Hannah Wunsch, Professor, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
  • Vincent Chan, Professor, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Brian Kavanagh, Professor, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Jeffrey Wassermann, Associate Professor, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Naveed Siddiqui, Associate Professor, Sinai Health System
  • Anuj Bhatia, Associate Professor, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Tobias Everett, Associate Professor, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Marcin Wasowicz, Associate Professor, Toronto General Hospital
  • Stephen Choi, Associate Professor, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

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