Teaching Awards at the 2017 Faculty Development Day

Dec 15, 2017

Faculty Development Day 2015 Plenary

On Monday, November 13, 2017, the Department of Anesthesia, Department of Surgery and Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, at the University of Toronto convened a joint Faculty Development Day event for the first time. This event expanded upon previous Faculty Development Day events to create new opportunities for three departments. This year's Faculty Development Day hosted nearly 200 participants from all three departments and featured a panel discussion on Competence by Design (CBD) by Dr. Jason Frank, as well as twelve interactive workshops. The main focus of the event was to engage in discussion with regards to common challenges in anesthesia and surgery education as well as clinical care and practice management issues.

In an effort to acknowledge continued excellence in education within the Department of Anesthesia, the department has established teaching awards in a number of instructional areas. As part of the afternoon program for anesthesiologists, the department formally recognized just some of the talented and dedicated teachers in medical education. This year's awards and winners include:

                • Dr. John Desmond Award - Dr. Dragan Djordjevic

                • Dr. Gerald Edelist Award - Dr. Bev Morningstar

                • David Fear Award - Dr. Claude Laflamme

                • New Faculty Teaching Excellence Award - Dr. Fahad Alam

                • Interprofessional Teaching Award - Dr. Adriaan Van Rensburg


Thank you to all the participants for making this year's event an overwhelming success.