Dec 2, 2020

Highlights from the Symposium on Anesthesia Care & Pain Medicine in Rural and Remote Regions of Canada

Banner_Anesthesia Care & Pain Medicine Symposium Poster

The symposium on Anesthesia Care & Pain Medicine in Rural and Remote Regions of Canada was very well attended.  It was two days of rich discussion of vital information delivered from a diverse panel of expert leaders, specialists, and change-makers from across Canada and Australia. Our speakers spoke about their experience and the opportunities to help develop strategies to better support physician-led anesthesia care in Canada. Speakers and participants brought forth awareness to a wide range of topics and help to engage in insightful discussions, networking and collaborative opportunities to bring forward proactive recommendations and possible strategies to improve care for patients across Canada.

We share some highlights from the symposium:

  • The former Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, opened the event on day 1. To view her remarks, please click here to see the video.
  • Dean Trevor Young and Dr. David Tannenbaum, Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, shared key supporting messages about the symposium.
  • We received welcome remarks on day 2 of the symposium from Dr. Dolores McKeen, President of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society.
  • We applaud all the Speakers, Co-Chairs and Emerging Scholars. Their leadership and commitment are what helped to make this symposium a success!

Participating Leaders

Alam Fahad

McCarroll, Kirk

Preston, Roanne

Bourgeault, Ivy

McCartney, Colin

Proulx, Migueal

Davidson, Taryn

McVicar, Jason

Raazi, Matten

DeBacker, Julian

Milkovich, Robert

Raheel, Hira

Enright, Angela

Mitchell, Rodney

Richardson, Lisa

Errett, Lee

Morris, Gary

Rourke, Jim

Falk, Ryan

Newbery, Sarah

Simkin, Sarah

Furstenburg, Dietrich

Ng, Elaine

Stewart, Aviva

Iglesias, Stuart

Ng, Victor

Swartz, Pip

Kamble, Vaibhav

Niazi, Ahtsham

Tannenbaum, David

Kim, James

Noorani, Alborz

Tromp, Margaret

Kirkpatrick, Roy

Orser, Beverley

Van der Linde, Enrich

Kotaska, Andrew

Otobo, Tarimobo

Wiegelmann, Julian

Kurrek, Matthew

Paulette, Lesley

Wilson, Ruth

McAlpine, John



We had seven engaging and interactive workshops with leaders and participants who shared their ideas and discussion that allowed for issues to be identified and proposed recommendations for action. This is only the start and we look forward to continuing the discussion. As said at the beginning of the symposium, the individuals gathered here are a “coalition of the willing“. We hope to keep the voices loud and clear as we make recommendations and strategize changes that reduce the barriers to access to anesthesia services for those living in rural and remote communities.

Workshop #1

Anesthesia workforce planning in urban and rural Canada

Workshop #2

Coaching networks, mentorship and educational opportunities

Workshop #3

Policy support for rural anesthesia and pain medicine

Workshop #4

Technology, virtual reality and distance coaching and learning

Workshop #5

Training and supporting rural generalists (Anesthesia, Obstetrics, Surgery)

Workshop #6

Rural and remote practice models of care in Canada including allied health professionals

Workshop #7

Policy through collaboration with national medical societies and government

We appreciate all who joined in the discussion and participated in the symposium on Anesthesia Care and Pain Medicine in rural and remote regions of Canada.