Anesthesia Services in Rural and Remote Regions of Canada

Jul 30, 2020
Anesthesia serivcesSource: photo by kupicoo via Getty Images

Dr. Beverley Orser, Department Chair and Dr. Ruth Wilson, a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University, relesaed a report on Monday, July 27th in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that proposes a strategy to address the growing shortage of anesthesia care and pain medicine in rural and remote regions of Canada (and urban centers).

The report explains that rural and remove regions are looking surgical and obstetric services, partly becasue there are not enough health care provides who can offer anesthesia services. Anesthesia care and pain medicine in rural Canada is an important and challenging topic that we will need to help address in the coming years.

We invite you to read the full article visiting UofT News in an intervie to Dr. Orser.

The Canadian Press and CBC have been also interested in the topic and Dr. Orser was recently inverviewed by CBC-Radio Thunder Bay about widening the gap between city and rural areas for the availability of anaesthetics.