Michael Garron Hospital (MGH)

Michael Garron Hospital (formerly the Toronto East General Hospital) is a 400-bed community hospital providing all acute surgical services except Neurosurgery and Cardiac surgery. There are 14,500 surgical cases per year, 70% being day surgery and 30% inpatient surgery. Pediatric surgery, including ENT, Ophthalmology and Dental surgery, comprises 15% of the total cases. The hospital is a Level 2 Pediatric centre and there are 3200 deliveries per year.

The Department of Anesthesia provides monitored care in the Endoscopy suite, which has 5,500 cases per year. The Department of Anesthesia provides an acute pain service including PCA and epidural infusions for postoperative patients.

The Department has a long history of affiliation with the University of Toronto beginning in 1946. The GP Anesthesia program was begun at MGH in the 1960’s and formally established in 1977 under Dr. Arthur Scott. MGH has residents in the Family Practice, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, ENT and Obstetrics and Gynecology programs as well as Anesthesia residents. The Department provides Anesthesia Training for Family Practice Anesthesia Residents, Fellowship Anesthesia Residents and Dental Anesthesia Residents. The Department provides full Block Anesthesia Electives for Medical Students and those Residents planning to apply to the Familiy Practice Anesthesia Program as well as Anesthesia Residents during their elective Blocks.

Anesthetist-in-Chief: Dr. Sunil Kapoor
Resident Coordinator: Dr. Kulchyk
Medical Student Coordinator: Dr. Patrick Mark

Website: http://www.tegh.on.ca/

Anesthesia at MGH: http://www.tegh.on.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=3-4855-5294&lang=1

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