Mar 5, 2024  |  6:30pm - 9:00pm
Research Events

2024 Research in Progress Anesthesia (RIPA)

Join speakers, Dr. Bijan Teja, Dr. Mandeep Singh (Supervisor) and Dr. Ameya Pappu for an exclusive event where you can engage directly with renowned researchers, esteemed faculty members, and students from diverse disciplines. RIPA offers an opportunity to unleash your research potential, gain valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

RIPA sessions are also an opportunity for scientists, investigators, and persons interested in research to meet, discuss, and share ongoing research projects in our department.


Presenter: Dr. Bijan Teja

Title: 1-The FLUDRO-1 vanguard trial: Fludrocortisone in acute hypoxic respiratory failure with airspace disease

Supervisor: Dr. Mandeep Singh

Presenter: Dr. Ameya Pappu, SleAP fellow

Title: 2-Look before you leap: External validation of POCUS-OSA tool for OSA screening in the perioperative period, a multi-center study

Special Host: Dr. Brian Cuthbertson

Location: 9 Fairland Rd., East York, ON M4G 2T9 (Get Directions)