Dr. Alan K. Laws Travel Award

Dr. Alan K LawsAlan Laws was born in Warwick, Australia and graduated as the gold medalist from the University of Queensland in 1961. He undertook anesthesia training in England and moved to Toronto in 1966 as a Research Fellow, working with Dr. Barrie Fairley, a clinical anesthetist at the Toronto General Hospital. As a clinician-scientist, he studied the effects of anesthesia on respiratory mechanics.

Alan had an intense interest in teaching, especially at the postgraduate level. He held morning trouble rounds that became a model for other hospitals. He became very involved in the examination process, becoming Chair of the Royal College Written Test Committee from 1977-88 and Chief Examiner in Anesthesia from 1980-87. Under his leadership, the examinations became more clinically oriented, a process that has continued to this day.

Alan demonstrated an exceptional intellect and insight into clinical medicine, as well as the ability to impart relevant information to residents. He loved to travel and had an incredible breadth of experience. After his premature death (January 1995), over 120 of Alan’s friends, family and colleagues donated to a Memorial Trust Fund that provides an opportunity for a senior resident to travel and experience anesthesia practised elsewhere.

This award provides salary support to promote excellence in training anesthesiologists for careers as clinician-scientists (1-2 years). It is one of two awards given by the Department of Anesthesia in honour and memory of Dr. Alan K. Laws.

Award Winners

2022 Chenchen Tian, Connor Brenna, Kevin Gorsky

2021 Carolina Gomez Builes, Sachin Sahni, Vatsal Trivedi

2020 Brittany Prevost, Kevin Gorsky, Rebecca Caragata

2019 Alexander White & Bijan Teja

2018 Tariq Esmail & Alexander Amir

2017 Kapil Gupta, Asutosh Joshi & Sophia Lane

2016 Ashwin Sankar, Lavarnan Sivanathan, Joshua Bell

2003 Jens Tan

2002 Duminda Wijeysundera