Documentation Checklist & Instructions

Promotion Dossier Requirements (to Associate and Full Professor Rank)

Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2020

Documents to be submitted electronically to

1. Senior Academic Promotion: Promotion Candidate Information Form

2. Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae

Note: These two documents are the minimum required to be considered for promotion at the initial Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC) meeting.

Cover Letter

Cover letters should be addressed to the Chair, Dr. Beverley Orser.

Address the following points in your letter:

  • the rank you are applying for
  • indicate your current academic job description and state the percentage time for clinical, research, teaching, and service activities
  • reason for seeking promotion (e.g.,excellence in research and competence in teaching)
  • brief summary of your major contributions under each of the following categories:
    • scholarship / research, if applicable
    • creative professional activity, if applicable
    • teaching
    • administration

Curriculum Vitae

  • Must be in accordance with University Policy (Manual of Staff Policies Academic Librarian, Number 3.01.05, paragraph 16) found here
    • A template for reference on what to include and formatting can be downloaded here

3. Research Documentation, if applicable

  • Research Statement
    • A 1-2 page statement summarizing research activities and programs, also describing the imporance and impact of research
  • Data Summary Sheets 

4. Most Significant Publications

  • List the FIVE most significant publications since last promotion and include a short paragraph for each describing the significance and your contribution.
  • Copies of each publication, in .pdf format, sent as separate documents.

5. Teaching Dossier and Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Note: Every applicant needs to provide a complete Teaching Dossier and teaching evaluations regardless of the primary focus of your promotions dossier.

  • Teaching and Education Report
  • Data Summary Sheets – Teaching 
  • Add in separate Appendices:
    • Student evaluations of teaching
    • Unsolicited testimonial letters. Please do not request reference letters.
    • Peer evaluations, formal assessments (internal, external), e.g., any departmental, divisional, or clinical assessments or evaluations. Please do not request reference letters.

6. Creative Professional Activity Documentation

  • Creative Professional Activities Report (CPA) 
  • Append supporting documents or examples of accomplishments in a separate document which comprises the CPA Appendices.

7. Administrative Dossier, if applicable

  • Write a brief outline of your service activities.
  • Include a statement of the nature and impact of your service achievements on the department, the Faculty of Medicine, the University, your discipline, the professional community, or other targeted communities.
  • Attach supporting documentation that demonstrates the nature and impact of your service achievements. Documentation could include evaluations, documentation from external reviewers, internal and external letters of reference, etc.
  • Click here for a template to assist with the Administrative Dossier. 



  • If you are unable to arrange delivery of all your documents in one email, please contact to discuss alternative options. We regret that hard copies or faxes cannot be accepted.     
  • Do not combine the documents noted above into one file. Separate PDF files, clearly labeled, must be provided. 

              Required file naming:
 Lastname_Firstname_DocumentName(Type)_Month Year.pdf 
 Smith John CV June2020.pdf
                        Smith John CVSummaryTable Publications June2020.pdf
                        Smith John Teaching Dossier June2020.pdf

  • All files and dossiers are reviewed in an electronic format, please be certain that all pages in a document are in the same orientation. The Department will upload the required documentation to the LaserFiche file management system on your behalf.