Department of Anesthesia

Our Leadership

Our Organizational Structure





Department of Anesthesia Executive Committee

Senior Executives

Dr. Beverley Orser



Dr. Andrew Baker   Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Mark Levine


Vice Chair of Education

Dr.  Brian Cuthbertson


Vice-Chair of Research


Dr. Keyvan Karkouti                                              


University Health Network, Sinai Health Systems and Women’s College Hospital

Dr. Combatore Srinivas


Duty Chief, Toronto General Hospital

Dr. Eric Goldszmidst


Duty Chief, Sinai Health System

Dr. Atul Prabhu


Duty Chief, Toronto Western Hospital and Women's College Hospital

Dr. Andrew Baker


St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Chirstopher Ildestrup


Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

Dr. Mark Crawford


The Hospital for Sick Children

Department Program Directors

Dr. Lisa Bahrey                                


Director, Postgraduate Residency Program

Dr. John Hanlon


Director, Pain Medicine Program

Dr. Doreen Yee


Director, Fellowship Program

Dr. Ahtsham Niazi


Director, Undergraduate Education Program

Dr. Clyde Matava


Director, eLearning and Educational Technology Innovations

Dr. Vincent Chan


Director, Faculty Development Programs

Dr. Vaibhav Kamble


Director, Family Practice Anesthesia Program